Chathapuram Sri Prasanna Maha Ganapathy Temple

True Story of Our LORD

(19 th CENTURY)

The late Sri C.S. Swaminatha Pattar Kariakar’s great Grand Fatherone Sri Krishna Pattar, wanted one Idol of The Lord in Standing Posture in Panchaloham for his daily Pooja. Immediately he sent word through his trusted servants to get one very good Idol Maker and they brought one reputed Shilpi to his presence and to him the job of making one standing posture of The Lord and fixed the place of job in the backyard Cocoanot, Mango, Jack trees garden where water was available with Sunlight. The Idol maker began his work and with his strenuous work upto mid night, he made the Vigraham with coveting beauty, weighty and without opened eyes. He himself would have thought that the finish was very beautiful even with closed eyes as GNANA MOORTHY, the Idol maker then approached Sri Krishna Pattar and invited to see The Lord. When everybody reached the spot the Idol maker duly informed that HIS eyes are not opened and wanted his opinion too,before handing over the Vigraham. Seeing the Lord, Krishna Pattar prostrated before HIM and said not to open since he considered HiM as GNANA SANTHA SOWMYA PRASANNA MAHAGANAPATHY. Sri KrishnaPattar himself has applied sandal paste Thilakam and dressed HIM in rich silk cloth with a garland and took The Lord to his house. Everybody saw the beauty of their Lord acclaimed again and again offered coconuts and plantain as offerings showed Camphor Harathy. Finally Sri Krishna Pattar wanted the Idol to be placed in the granary where all kinds of cereals were stored and locked.

During yearly Carfestival of Kalpathi Viswanatha Swamy on the final day when HIS Ratham near destination did not move even an inch despite pushing by two elephants and pulled by people. They tried their maximum but could not move the Ratham. Suddenly one elderly villager got Aavesam and in loud voice he ordered to get Vigneshwara to the presence of Viswanatha Swamy. At that time nobody was able to understand what he said, but within few minutes two servants of Krishna Pattar came there and announced that all grains are coming out of the granary and doubted a thief would have entered in. Sri Pattar with his trusted men,rushed home and opened the granary and saw The Lord who was at bottom covered by paddy and other cereals after attaining Sanctity. Applied Sandal paste on His forehead, put one haram and clad with silk brought HIM on shoulders to the spot where the Ratham was stationed. Both Father and Son met each other and Harathy was shown during mutual meeting (koodikazchai) .Wonder of wonders, VISWANATHASWAMY’S Ratham was moved the the exact destination , even without elephants push. Thus the Chythannyam of Mahaganapathy was great.


During the period of Krishna Pattar,,the village was small with 60-70 houses facing East and South. Sri Pattar thought and built His temple as SOUTH FACED and installed the Panchloha Vigraham as Utsavar in the Ghabhagaham,,since HE is SANTHA SWAROOPI.

The late Sri C.S. Swaminatha Pattar Kariakar, great grand son of Sri Krishna Pattar the last Diwan(KARIAKAR) for the Zamurrin of Calicut in 20 th century has created a very huge property worth about 2lakhs then, as BRAHMASWAM and was the head as MANAGER. He accu-mulated the wealth and conducted Chathurthies, Varams, Vilakku Mukhiyal, yearly 10 days carfestival,in addition a Satram(choultry) in Mankara and fed travelers and poor. After his passing away during 1939-1940,the management of Brahmaswam was passed on to the immediate senior, and so on. When the government n Kerala was very strong, they took possession of the Paddy fields and farms and began to pay compensation yearly to meet expenses, as pittance. Some how the carfestival,and other items are going on in a very insignificant scale. GOD IS GREAT-it is HIS WILL.

The previous Large scale kumbhabhisheka celebration was done during 1987 and 2001. In 2015 on 28 th May The PRATHISHTADINA Mahotsavam and POORNABHISHRKAM, LAKSHARCHANA

all preceded by daily GANAPATHY HOMAMS for a week. The above was the outcome of the Deva Prasnam conducted during 1925 or so when the whole village of 60 to 70 houses then, suffering was great on account of epidemics like Small Pox and Cholera and on account of that many were suffered and there were casualities too. Villagers were perplexed as what to do which led to the DEVA PRASNAM by the then scholars in Astrology in front of the Deity(Moolavar). Astrologer’s assumption with the calculation of the then Rasi was on account of lapse of Abhishekam, Neivedyam etc such things happened and to avert & reach a safe atmosphere and fear free living, Astrologers stressed to conduct ASHTBHANDHANA MAHA KUMBHABHISHEKAM for the Moolavar on EDAVAM 14 th and every year to celebrate Kumbhabhishekam day as Prathishtadina day without brake, which was followed. As per the predictions and decision, this year (2015) on May 28 th Krithika day THE PRATHISHTADINA MAHOTSAVAM with SAHASRADHARA and POORNABHISHRKAM were done to our LORD and HE was very much pleased and the whole sky which was with scorching Sunlight became cloudy and made in an around of the villages flooded with torrential down pour for nearly three hours at dusk. Such was the sanctity gained by the Abhishekams.

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